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US Women Christian Chamber of Commerce is the cutting edge of gathering wisdom from influential christian women of faith, a driven force that impacts our community as pioneers transformative agents on the move, governmental economic solountist.  


Since USWCCC conception, over 9000 members have joined and 30% interests are from the Middle East, Canada, Africa, Latin America, Russia and Asia global community. 

Therefore, we moved towards meeting global needs and established a diplomatic foreign affairs economic initiatives "The Global Women Christian Chamber of Commerce Embassy. "

Action Goals:  Conservative Business Women are inspirational  influential leaders that have proven record of impacting cultures all around the world!   

We are militant, determined, mobilize, hopeful and prayerful to inspire the next generation.

Education Sphere:  Very few christian women leaders are not seated in the positions that God has ordained them to be and therefore, through our global education governance and diplomacy training, through our organization, we screen and mentor women of all ages from all background to serve in the seat God has assigned them for.

President is assigned with full authority from heaven to pioneer and firestart in the government apostolic sphere and commissioned in the installation of servant leadership, to equip and serve the body of Christ.

Global Economic:  

USWCCC has the largest national women business prayer network that engages as a multi-faith non-gender specific with other international religious and  national organizations.

As marketplace ministry, we pray for wisdom and connect women to members that join our cause to further their vision.  

USWCCC is not a registered lobbyist, but at times advocate through biblical activism to bring awareness and help shape policy for women in every mountain. 

Our vision is to see every nation free from the spirit of fear and poverty. We are seated in diplomat and governance positions to inspire change, that can only come from the supernatural wisdom of God and through faith driven economic collaboration.

Presidents Message:

As a faith based owner,  we are free to execute freedom of religious expression in the workplace, by being first a witness to our families then to those who enter our businesses. We have established the Christian Employees Christ Resource Group(TM)(C) - inclusion part of the diversity business model ethnic training in the corporate industry. 

Prophetic words have been release about our organization by Rabbi Jonathan Cahn, UN Ambassador Dr. Clyde Rivers, Dr.Cindy Jacobs Dr Johnathon Stidman, Dr. Miles Monroe, Dr. Sharon Stone (UK), Paul Cuny and many others! 

**[CLAUSE] We are not a chamber that receives corporate funding to represent their business policy agenda. We will remove any business that supports contrary to our vision and mission.  Nor do we lobby for a business for any reason. But will display businesses that support conservative economic principles.

 USWCCC members are ambassadors around the world! Together, we are one voice and have been seated in governance with world civility leaders -as trans-formative agents on the move! 

Once a year we gather together with Global Women Christian Chamber of Commerce Embassy appointed Ambassadors on International Women's Day in D.C.

Contribution Clause: The travel of establishment of chambers around the nation and around the world is very costly and your membership allows us to grow even further to dying world that needs Christ and need humanitarian support.

**Join today and be generous in your giving! Donations are non-refundable, non-taxable and transferable to support young ambassador to serve on the Youth Council of GWCCCE.




BIO Lydia Gonzalez-DRoss, PhD

Nelson Mandela International Peace Award

Golden Rule Award-iChange Nations

Goodwill Global Ambassador Hispanic Diplomat Award (LinkedIn)

Founder/Executive President 


Paid by Friends of US Women Christian Chamber of Commerce and partners of Global Women Christian Chamber of Commerce Embassy (TM) **Views shown on the site are solely the expression of the organization, affiliations and global subsidiaries.  

Clause: Donations are non-refundable

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