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United States Women Christian Chamber of Commerce 

Join our $1 membership drive for one million conservative christian women business owners to endorse and re-elect President Donald John Trump!

We are fighting for you, your family and your community!

Communism vs Freedom

 Letter from the President of United States Women Christian Chamber of Commerce:  

In 2016, members gave birth to United States Women CHRISTIAN Chamber of Commerce AND as a non-lobbyist organization. We are enforcing  biblical economic activism to save lives and bring wealth restoration to your community!

Why was the United States Women Christian Chamber of Commerce and the Global Women Christian Chamber of Commerce Embassy birthed? (USWCCC/GWCCCE)

In 2016, the liberal United States Women Chamber of Commerce (uwccc) endorsed former State Secretary, presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and now in 2020 again, they failed women small business owners to endorse Biden/Harris ticket.

It appears that the uwccc lost their vision and have become a liberal organization supporting Planned Parenthood and now at birth- execution style of innocent babies. uswccc no longer represent the voices of Christian Women Business Owners.

Impact: We prayed and God granted the president of United States Women Christian Chamber of Commerce, to initiate the unity of christian women, and confirmed through several prophetic words. The wisdom came forth  to gather an army of christian women leaders in all spheres and bring back America back to its original intent.   We are growing and have been recognized by the elite leaders of our nation and abroad. Most  recently, through the request of many nations government leaders, we have birthed the Global Women Christian Chamber of Commerce Embassy, so we can be a beacon of light in government ministry and restore nations to its original intent through financial economic growth, education and family restoration..

NPR NEWS: In 2020, just recently, the US Women Chamber of Commerce defiled God and betrayed their conservative business women members and have endorsed Presidential Candidate Joe Biden!   Once again, we are seeing the true colors of that organization. It is a shame! Because at one time their were a beacon light- no longer that is the case.

 During the election cycle, we are in thrust for $1 membership drive for one million members- to endorse, and advocate for life, liberty, justice for all. Christian equality must be fought for in every area that darkness tries to overcome without apology.

 I know some can do more. We are seeking sponsors during the election period to be that voice that the world needs now that we as christian women leaders will not support abortion but rather abolish abortion and reverse Roe Vs Wade. A promise that God is going to overturn in the days or years to come. 

We support the nomination of Amy Coney Barrett as the next Supreme Court Justice vacant seat.  Another prophetic word that has come to pass.

We have seen democratic woman reject socialism and joined the conservative  movement. We must continue to save those souls who have been bewitched by the liberals fake news agenda.  As a victim of fake news, I know first hand how liberal media can use something good and turn against you!  

We must become biblical activist. Our Global Prayer Network is working night and day  praying for our faith-based small business owners, to save this world from tyranny, terrorist who want to hoard our constitution, control our government in hostage state, and destroy our economy.

Please consider joining today and tell a friend to join for $1.  We are counting on you. 

30 millions christian, primarily 12 million christian women voters, failed to vote at the last elections. If the faith-based women vote at this upcoming election, Trump will win in a landslide and he can continue to defend life, liberty and justice for all.

This election is  a matter of life and death! God said through his prophets that he is watching his children and that He will judge those who oppose his heavenly constitution during this election. It is not just the Presidential election that is at stake, but also Congressional and Senate seats filled by conservatives.  

As you know, many things are at at risk. LIfe, liberty, freedom of religious expression, Employees for Christ (TM) and many other conservative values that the liberals will stop at nothing to counterattack.

We can not afford to lose! 

It is our time!

The United States Women CHRISTIAN Chamber of Commerce  must represent those 12 million voices, and bring hope to a dying world!                                                                       

                Will you help us!  We are the pivotal voice to ensure that christian women do not fall asleep but become not only prayer warriors but activist!

Join to today- tell a friend- be counted among the one million.

Sign up!

               The United States Women Christian Chamber of Commerce must endorse Donald J. Trump but we can't without your help!  

Join today! 

We must save the lives our children and the next generation.!



Creator, The United States Women Christian Chamber of Commerce

President, Global Women Christian Chamber of Commerce Embassy

Rev Dr. Lydia Gonzalez-DRoss

United States Women Christian Chamber of Commerce and Subsidiaries is a State and IRS Federal TAX EXEMPT 501(C)(3) Approved.

Subsidiaries are: United States Hispanic Women Christian Chamber of Commerce; United States Native American Women Christian Chamber of Commerce; US Asian American Women Christian Chamber of Commerce; US African American Women Christian Chamber of Commerce and supporting charities: Youth Diplomat Ambassador Initiatives and other spheres!

EIN 83-2633166 & 509(a)(2) (Public Charity) (C) 2020-2022

A Mosaic advocacy network around the globe. 

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